1.  Register online as a NEW CONSIGNOR to get a consignor number.

2. Returning consignors will have the same consignor number.  Go to RETURNING CONSIGNORS on our homepage to pull up your account or to find your consignor number.

3.  Read "Items to Consign" and "Preparing Items" and get your items ready.

4.  Log in to your CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE  to enter items and print tags.  If you want your    items in the half-price sale and/or to be donated after the sale, please be sure to mark them appropriately as you enter your items.

5.  Creating a Tag

     * Category-Select the category that best describes your item.

     * Size-Select "Leave Blank" in the drop-down menu unless you are creating tags for uniforms, shoes or educational shirts for teachers.

     * Description-Include a detailed description of your item.  For books, indicate age or grade level.  Be sure to include the title of books and posters.      

     * Price-Items should be priced at least $.50 or more and in $.50 increments ($.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc.).

     * Discount-Mark discount only if you want items to be sold at 1/2 price on the last day of the sale. 

     * Donate-Mark donate only if you want The Educator Exchange to donate your items at the end of the sale.  If you choose "donate",  items will not be available for pick up.

     * Click submit.

     *You may quit your session by clicking "I'm finished for now."

     *This will take you back out to the menu screen Where you can work with your inventory again or print your tags.   

6.  IF YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE COMPUTER AFTER THE TAG HAS BEEN PRINTED, REPRINT YOUR NEW TAG AND ATTACH IT TO YOUR ITEM.  If changes are made in the computer, but the tag is not replaced on the item to reflect the changes, The Educator Exchange will go by the tag on the item.  For example, an item that has "Reduce" on the tag but does not ring up as a discounted item on the last day,  will be discounted.  If the item does not have "reduce" on the tag, then it will not be discounted the last day.     

7.  Be sure to only use a tag one time if you reprint tags.  For example, if you had 10 identical items, each item should have a tag with a different item number.  If you have to reprint tags, make sure you don't use the tag for item #15 two times.

8.  ALL TAGS SHOULD BE PRINTED ON CARDSTOCK! Please use only light-colored cardstock.  The barcode scanners have difficulty reading barcodes on red, purple, dark pink and orange cardstock.  TAGS PRINTED ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN CARDSTOCK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Copy paper should not be used for tags.

9.  SCHEDULE a time to drop off your items on one of our drop-off days.  If you have more than 200 items, please schedule 2 back-to-back times giving you a 30-minute drop-off period. 

10.  Attend the Consignor Presale before our Public Sale.

11.  Pick up any unsold items you would like to keep on Pick-Up day. 



Why Consign?

Consigning is a great way to clean out while earning extra cash.  You can put money in your pocket while passing along your educational materials and supplies to someone else.   

consignors Benefits:

*Earn 60% of your sales

*Shop at our Presale for Consignors

*Shop the 1/2 price sale before the public on Saturday

*Receive 2 Guest Passes for friends to attend our "Guest Sale"

*Consignors that work more than 1 shift receive all the benefits above and will earn extra percentages on their sale items. 

       -Work two 3-4 hour shifts and earn an additional 5% on your sales (65%).

       -work three 3-4 hour shifts and earn an additional 10% on your sales (70%).


A $5.00 participation fee will be deducted from your final payment to help cover the tagging system software, location rental, advertising, etc. 


Steps to Becoming a Consignor

Classroom, Home School, and Office Supplies