Gift Wrap Tape-Transparent tape (clear on roll) stays on better than Magic tape (frosty on roll).    

     Magic tape tears easily, and tags come off the items.

Packaging Tape

Yarn or Ribbon

Zip Bags-snack, sandwich, gallon or other types of plastic clear bags

Zip Bags larger than gallon size-Wal-Mart and Target

Light-colored Cardstock-CARDSTOCK MUST BE USED FOR TAGS.  No lightweight paper such as copy paper.

Zip Ties

Sturdy safety pins

1.  Gather your items and make sure they are clean and neat.  

2.  Items requiring batteries should have working batteries.

3.  If an item is missing something, consider whether the item is functional with the missing pieces. 

     *If it is, please note what is missing in HANDWRITNG on your tag below the description.

4.  Small pieces can be put in a plastic zip bag and attached to the item being careful not to damage the item.  Put your consignor number on the bag with a sharpie or pen. 

5.  If an item has multiple pieces, please make sure they are secured. 

6.  When using plastic zip bags, tape the top of the bag so that items do not fall out of the bag.

7.  If an item is too large for a gallon zip bag and contains multiple pieces that will not fit in a zip bag, wrap the item with cling wrap or another piece of plastic and place a piece of packaging tape across the back to secure the cling wrap or plastic.  Make sure the item is visible.  Zip bags larger than a gallon can be found at Wal-Mart and Target.   

8.  For games and puzzles, put yarn or rubber bands around boxes to keep them from opening and losing pieces.  Scotch tape can also be used to tape the edges of the boxes. 

9.  For books, see #8 below.

Preparing Your Items

As a consignor, you will set the price and tag the items you consign.  Below are guidelines on tagging items. 


1.  Items should be priced at least $.50 or more and in increments of $.50 ($.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc.).   

2.  Enter information about each item into My Sale Manager (our software program).  Be specific when describing your items.  Tags that only have "poster" or "book" on them do not help identify an item making it difficult to match a separated tag to the appropriate item. Instead, list the title of the book or the name of the poster in the description.  If a tag gets separated from an item, a good description will make it easier to get the tag back with the matching item.  If a tag falls off, and we cannot match the tag with an item, we will not be able to sell the item.   Please be sure tag descriptions are detailed and secured to your items.   

3.  If an item is missing something and is still functional with the missing item(s), handwrite the missing item(s) on the tag. 

4.  The only time that it is acceptable to write on tags is when something is missing from the item.  DO NOT WRITE ON OR CROSS OUT INFORMATION on tags for any other reason.  If you need to make changes, please print a new tag.  

5.  Print tags-PRINT TAGS ON CARDSTOCK ONLY.  ITEMS WITH PAPER TAGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  THESE TAGS TEAR EASILY AND COME OFF OF THE ITEMS.  PRINT AT THE SIZE THEY ARE GENERATED.  Please use only light-colored cardstock.  The barcode scanners have difficulty reading barcodes on tags that are red, purple, dark pink, orange, etc. 

6.  Secure tags with tape without covering up the bar code on the tag.  Packaging tape or transparent gift wrap tape can be used.  Transparent gift wrap tape (clear on the roll) holds tags better than Magic tape (frosty on the roll).  Please do not use Magic tape.  Tags with this tape come off easily, because the tape tears easily.  Make sure the tape you use holds the tag in place.     

7.  If you cannot tape a tag to an item, you can hole-punch your tag being careful not to punch a hole in the information and attach the tag with ribbon, string, yarn or a zip tie. 

8.  For books, indicate the age or grade level.Tape the tag to the BACK OUTSIDE cover using clear tape (not Magic tape). Tape tag on all 4 sides.  You may also put books in a plastic zip bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Tape the top of the bag so that books do not get separated from the tags.  It is a good idea to write your consignor number in pencil in the back inside cover of the book.  When grouping books, put them in a zip bag and tape the top of the bag, or bind them together with yarn, string, ribbon or rubber bands.  Bind the books with yarn, string, ribbon or rubber bands going around the books both horizontally and vertically being careful not to damage the books.  This will help books from becoming separated. 

9.  When using packaging tape, place tape carefully.  It should be in an area where it will not damage the item when removed. 

Tagging Uniform Clothes


1.  Clothes should be clean and in good condition.

2.  When hanging clothes on hangers, the hanger should face to the left (like a question mark) when the front of the clothing is facing you.

3. Tags should be pinned to the top right side of the clothing item.

4.  Please use sturdy safety pins.  Weak pins often open.  This may cause your tag to be separated from your item.

5.  Pants, skirts, and shorts may be hung with a pants hanger or may be pinned to a regular hanger. 

6.  Shoes can be put in a clear plastic bag or tied together with string, ribbon, yarn or a zip tie. 

Things you may need to prepare your consignment items.

Classroom, Home School, and Office Supplies

Below is information on tagging your items.  To create and print your tags, please go to "How to Consign" for the link to get your consignor number and instructions on creating and printing tags.  You can also find the "New Consignor" or "Returnng Consignor" links on our homepage.